Excitation Of Conducting Cylinder Using Slots

Image of Excitation Of Conducting Cylinder Using Slots
This master thesis deals with the investigation to excite the conducting cylinder of rocket chassis using slots. The theory of characteristic mode (TCM) is used to find the resonance modes of the cylinder. The model of conducting cylinder is designed and simulated in FEKO software to obtain the resonance modes. Furthermore, the cylinder with two selected modes excitation are designed and simulated in CST software. The excitation of the modes are achieved by mounting the H-shaped slots on the cylinder at the specific location where the maximum currents distribution taken place. Due to the reactive of load impedance, the L-matching networks and transmission line using coaxial cable are utilized to match it to the input impedance. Finally, the proposed concept are verified by manufacturing and measurement. It is shown that the results of measurement are in excellent agreement with the simulation. Hence, it is confirmed that in this research, the proposed idea is successfully designed and implemented
Informasi Detil
Judul Seri -
No. Panggil 49/2019/THE
Penerbit : Praha.,
Deskripsi Fisik x, 38 hlm.
Bahasa English
Klasifikasi NONE
Edisi 2017
Subyek conducting cylinder
rocket chassis
Theory of Characteristic Modes (TCM)
HH-shaped slots
excitation of modes
L-matching networks
coaxial cable
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