Comparative Analysis Of Meteorological Parameters From Ccam-Nwp Simulation Output And Surface Observations With Z-Test For Some Regions In Indonesia

Image of Comparative Analysis Of Meteorological Parameters From Ccam-Nwp Simulation Output And Surface Observations With Z-Test For Some Regions In Indonesia
In studying the character of climate change events, we need a model that can represent the meteorological data to predict the behavior of weather in the future by following the data history in the past. This study has analyzed the data of hourly simulation model output (CCAM-NWP) compared with observational surface data. The analysis aimed to determine the performance of Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Numerical Weather Prediction Models (CCAM-NWP) output for several meteorological parameters (rainfall, relative humidity, temperature, and pressure) in Indonesia. The methodology used in this study wasrunning the CCAM-NWP models and the results were compared with the statistical analysis of the Z-test. Based on the results that were obtained for the four meteorological parameters in four cities (Padang, Jakarta, Kupang, and Merauke), Z-count values were greater than the Z-table. For example, in Padang, Z-counted temperature was 21.64 which was greater than the Z-table with 1.96; for relative humidity, Z-counted was 31.79 and Z-table was 1.96; for rainfall, Z-counted was 3.67 and Z-table was 1.96; and for pressure, Z-counted was 30.13 and Z-table was 1.96. From the overall results, it can be concluded that the performance results of the models were less acceptable, because the meteorological parameters of
CCAM-NWP model output have significant differences with the surface observation values with the value of the average model outputs were smaller than the surface observations except for rainfall.
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Judul Seri PROCEEDINGSTHE 5th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM FORSUSTAINABLE HUMANOSPHERE [ISSH]- A Forum of Humanosphere Science School [HSS]“Innovation in Science and Technology towardsSustainable Future” Jakarta, 29
No. Panggil -
Penerbit Research Center for Biomaterials – LIPI : Jakarta.,
Deskripsi Fisik Hlm 23-33
Bahasa English
ISBN/ISSN 2088-9127
Klasifikasi NONE
Edisi 2015
Subyek Rainfall
relative humidit
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Proceedings The-5th. International Symposium for Sustainable Humasnosphere (ISSH)-Forum of Humanosphere Science School (HSS): “Innovation in Science and Technology towards Sustainable Future”29-30 september 2015en
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