Identifikasi Kenyamanan Termal Bangunan (Studi Kasus: Ruang Kuliah Kampus IPB Baranangsiang dan Darmaga Bogor)

Image of Identifikasi Kenyamanan Termal Bangunan (Studi Kasus: Ruang Kuliah Kampus IPB Baranangsiang dan Darmaga Bogor)
Housing development, well-planned or not well-planned, has changed urban view and its thermal environment. Many researchers have claimed that the worse quality of urban thermal environment is proportional to physical development of the city. Physical development in urban areas has caused various environmental problems, one of them is the change in quality of thermal environment by which the city becomes hotter than the surrounding areas. The purpose of this research was to identity thermal comfort either in classrooms at Darmaga or Baranangsiang campuses of Bogor Agricultural University. PMV (Predicted Mean Vote), using the boundary Effective Temperature (TE), TM (Temperature Humidity Index), and the last method is respondent test PMVs (Predicted Mean Votes) in the classrooms at Baranangsiang campuses are thermally neutral to slightly warm, while that in classrooms in Darmaga campus are warmer. Effective Temperature which is resulted in the both of lecture halls are comfortable warm conditions. In addition, for respondents test, the thermal impression in IPB campus of Baranangsiang prefers to choose the slightly warm conditions, but for a lecture hall in campus of IPB Darmaga is more dominated by warm and slightly warm conditions. The questionnaire has been appropiated to the range of PMV index. So, the lecture halls that have been studied in both of campus can be concluded as slightly warm condition, because the thermal impressions felt by the respondents are also in the range of neutral to slightly . The value of THI for both of campus environment is in the range of moderate or neutral
Informasi Detil
Judul Seri Jurnal Agromet Indonesia
No. Panggil 123/2019/PNL
Penerbit IPB : Bogor.,
Deskripsi Fisik Hlm. 14-22
Bahasa Indonesia
ISBN/ISSN 0126-3633
Klasifikasi NONE
Edisi Vol.24, No.1 Tahun 2010
Subyek Thi
building climate
effective temperature
PMV index
thermal comfort
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