Development Of Flight Control Laws For The Basic Electronic Flight Control System of the LSA-02 Tecnology Demonstrator Aircraft

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The usage of light utility high aspect ratio aircraft with payload up to 350kg is deemed to be an economical solution for many particular purposes especially civil airborne surveillance. The Electronic Flight Control System (EFCS) is supplemented to the basic aircraft and shall have full authority to replace pilot work. The basic aircraft which is equipped wit EFCS is called LAPAN Surveillance Aircraft (LSA-02). In order to realize the full authority control system, the EFCS has to be highly reliable and safe. In addition, the EFCS shall enable the aircraft to precisely follow predefined trajectories, to stabilize during disturbed atmospheric flight and to conduct experimental flight functions. The Flight Control Laws (FCL) as part of EFCS ave purposes to control, guide and navigate aircraft through specific pilot commands via the Flight Control Panel (FCP). The work in this thesis has an objective to develop reliable FCL for te EFCS of LSA-02. The development method of FCL shhall follow a very strict development process namely the V model as the flight control functions are safety critical.The development process starts from the requirements definition, followed by the FCL design and ended by the verification of the FCL design. The design of the FCL comprises of inner loops whose purpose is to stabilize and control the aircraft attitude and outer loops whose purpose is to control the flight path of the aircraft. The commands from FCP consist of airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, flight path inclination angle and heading. The responses of te aircraft shall be analyzed with regard to the FCP commands. The conclusions drawn from the result the thesis work are the development of FCL for basic EFCS hhas been completed, the design architecture which applies cascade structure and modularity concept provides solution to design the FCL.
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No. Panggil 36/2019/THE
Penerbit ITB : Bandung.,
Deskripsi Fisik Xiii, 129 hlm. : ill. ; 28 cm
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Edisi 2018
Subyek EFCS
inner loops
outer loops
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