Dampak Kelembaban Udara Terhadap Radiasi Matahari Dan Temperatur Di Bandung

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One major environmental problem is global warming caused by solar radiation and one factor influences solar radiation is relative humidity. Relative humidity is a measurement of the amount of water vapor in a mixture of air and water or it is most commonly defined as the partial pressure of water vapor in the air-water mixture, given as a percentage of the saturated vapor pressure under those conditions. Water vapor is one of green house gases other than CO2, N2O, CH4 and O3. Those gases have tropospheric and earth surface warming effect because half of radiation emitted from earth surface is reflected back to the earth and the other half is absorbed. Based on AWS (Automatic Weathering Station) data during October 2007-January 2011 it is found that in 2010 average relative humidity is relatively high, i.e. 85.30% compares to in 2009 and
2008, i.e. 77.89% and 74.62%, respectively. The increase in relative humidity leads to decrease of solar radiation from 144.69 W/m2 in 2010 to165.95 W/m2 in 2009 and 166.05 W/m2 in 2008 or 13% decrease. There is decrease in average temperature from 23.69 0 C in 2010 to 23.96 0 C in 2009 and 23.71 0 C in 2008. Analysis result by using Pearson correlation methode gives significant correlation between relative humidity with solar radiation and temperature i.e. -0.626(**) and -0,579(**), respectively. In the other hand, correlation between solar radiation and temperature is 0.556(**). Analysis result by using linear regression methode shows that during October 2007 to January 2011 there is increase in relative humidity 0.01% per day, decrease in solar radiation 0.02 W/m2 per day and increase in temperature 9E-05 0 C per day.
Informasi Detil
Judul Seri Seminar Nasional Fisika 2011 Pusat Penelitian Fisika-LIPI . Serpong, 12-13 Juli 2011
No. Panggil 33/2018/MAK
Deskripsi Fisik Hal. 606-614
Bahasa Indonesia
ISBN/ISSN 2088-4176
Klasifikasi makalah prosiding
Edisi 12-13 Juli 2011
Subyek Temperatur
Gas Rumah Kaca
Uap air
Korelasi Pearson
Kelembaban udara
radiasi matahari
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