International Symposium on the 10thAnniversary of the Equatorial Atmosphere Radar (EAR) Jakarta, September 22-23, 2011

Image of International Symposium on  the 10thAnniversary of the Equatorial Atmosphere Radar (EAR) Jakarta, September 22-23, 2011
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Judul Seri -
No. Panggil 57/2017/PRO
Penerbit LAPAN : Jakarta.,
Deskripsi Fisik Xii, 326 Hlm.; ill.; CD
Bahasa English
ISBN/ISSN 978-979-1458-52-8
Klasifikasi NONE
Edisi 22-23 September 2011
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Pernyataan Tanggungjawab
Versi lain/terkait
Observation Of Daily Variation Of Geomagnet During The Year Of 2010 At Kototabang Observatory22-23 September 2011id
Characteristics Of West Sumatra Rainfall And Surrounding Areas Based On A Combination Of TRMM Radar And Radiometer Data22-23 September 2011en
Monthly Rainfall Characteristics In Indonesia In Connection With The Meridional Movement Of Intertropical Convergence Zone22-23 September 2011en
AGPS Phase Scintillation Index During Fai Occurrences Observed By Equatorial Atmospheric Radar22-23 September 2011en
Relationship Of Rain Fall And Humidity With Particulate Matter In Some Cities In Indonesia22-23 September 2011en
Response Of The Neutral Wind To Intense Geomagnetic Storms22-23 September 2011en
Simple Statistical Model On MJO Signal Prediction Based On The WPR Zonal Wind Data Analysis Over Pontianak, Manado, And Biak22-23 September 2011id
Estimating Air Pollution Emissions In The Industrial Sector In Central Java22-23 September 2011en
The ITCZ Characteristics Based On MTSAT Satellite22-23 September 2011en
Seasonal Migration Of The ITCZ Over Maritime Continent Based On TRMM Satellite22-23 September 2011en
Optimization Of Electrochemical Co Sensor For Continuous Environmental Air Measurement Application22-23 September 2011en
Lower Tropospheric Temperature-Relative Humidity Relationships In Radiometer Observations And Satellite (Airs) At Kototabang22-23 September 2011en
Analysis Of Temperature Vertical Profile And Indication Of Inversion Layers In Radiometer Synoptic And Radiosonde At Kototabang22-23 September 2011en
Trends Of Surface Temperature In Java Island Based On Modis Satellite Data22-23 September 2011en
Implementation Of Radar Technology On Meteor Detection22-23 September 2011en
Comparison Of Evapotranspiration In Gldas Model Simulations And Satellite Observations Over Musi River Basin And Its Relationship To Vegetation Index22-23 September 2011en
Analysis Of Sumatra Total Ozone And Total Column Water Vapor In The Period Of 2005 To 201022-23 September 2011en
Determination Of Disaster Resilience Index Central Java Drought22-23 September 2011en
Observations Of Pre-Reversal Enhancement (Pre) And Spread F Occurrences Seasonal Variation Of Low Latitude Ionosphere Above Pameungpeuk During Low Solar Activity22-23 September 2011en
Design Of Radar Controller For Ionosonde Using Embedded System22-23 September 2011en
Spatial Analysis Of Atmospheric Aerosol Impact On Shortwave Radiation Over Indonesia22-23 September 2011en
Analyze Data And Work System Ceilometer Ct25k For Observation The Cloud Over Kototabang22-23 September 2011en
The Prediction Of Fof2 Ionosphere Parameter By Neural Network22-23 September 2011en
Spatial Interpolation Of F2 Frequency At Ionospheric Layer22-23 September 2011en
Stratospheric Hydroxyl Radical Variability Over Indonesia Based On MLS/Aura Satellite Observation22-23 September 2011en
Verification And Analysis Of TAPM Meteorological Data Model Output At Pasteur And Tanjung Sari22-23 September 2011en
Radio Beacon Satellite Receiver Network For Ionospheric TEC And Scintillation Measurement In Indonesia Equatorial Region22-23 September 2011en
Ozone Condition In Indonesia In 2005 - 200722-23 September 2011en
Characteristics Of N2o Gas In The Stratosphere Over The Island Of Java22-23 September 2011en
So2 Total Column Distribution In Java During Periode 2010 (Related To Mounts Merapi And Bromo’s Eruptions)22-23 September 2011en
Forest Fires Contribution To Atmospheric Aerosol Distribution (Aod483.5nm), Tropospheric No2 And So2 In West Kalimantan During Periode 2004-200922-23 September 2011en
A Study On Convection Over Sumatra And Its Relationship To Large-Scale Disturbances Based On Coordinated Observations With The Equatorial Atmosphere Radar22-23 September 2011en
On Development And Research Progress Of Satreps Maritime Continent Center Of Excelent (MCCOE) In Indonesia22-23 September 2011en
Fine Structure Of Wind In The Troposphere And The Lower Stratosphere Revealed By The Equatorial Atmosphere Radar (EAR), Especially During Wet And Dry Season22-23 September 2011en
Vertical Wind Measurement Over Sumatra, Indonesia By The Equatorial Atmosphere Radar22-23 September 2011en
On The Importance Of Instrument Clusters For Equatorial Spread F Studies22-23 September 2011en
Long Term Observations Of The Upper Atmosphere22-23 September 2011en
Contributions Of Meteor/Mf Radars In Indonesia To The Global Network Studies Of The Upper Atmosphere Dynamics22-23 September 2011en
Equatorial Atmospheric Kelvin Waves In Indonesia Region Based On Ncep/Ncar Reanalysis Data22-23 September 2011en

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