Proceedings International Symposium on 15th Anniversary of the Equatoril Atmosphere Radar

Image of Proceedings International Symposium on 15th Anniversary of the Equatoril Atmosphere Radar
Informasi Detil
Judul Seri -
No. Panggil 47/2017/PRO
Penerbit LAPAN : Bandung.,
Deskripsi Fisik x,198p.;ill.;21 cm
Bahasa English
ISBN/ISSN 978-602-6465-07-8
Klasifikasi NONE
Edisi 2016
Subyek EAR
Pernyataan Tanggungjawab
Pusat Sains Dan Teknologi Atmosfer
Versi lain/terkait
Catalog System for Radar Imagery2017en
Analysis of Heavy Rain and Strong Winds in Parts of West Kalimantan Province On May21-22 2016 Using Pontianak Weather Radar2016en
Spasial and Temporal Distribution of Lightning in West Sumatera2016en
Extreme Rainfall Events when Active Madden - Julian Oscillation Entering The Western Region of Indonesia (Case Study : FloodEvents in Padang and Purworejo on June 2016)2016en
Vertical Structure of Raindrop Size Distribution at Kototabang as Retrieved by Micro Rain Radar2016en
A Climatology of Mesoscale Convective Complexes over Irian Jaya and Surrounding Area During 15-year Period2016en
Seasonal Analysis for Extreme Hourly Rainfall over Indonesian Maritime Continent and Its Relationship with the Occurrences of Mesoscale Convective Complexes2016en
Comparison of Raindrop Size Distribution Characteristicsfrom Maritime and Continental Clouds2016en
Analysis of Urban Heat Temperature and Day/Night Temperature Variation in Jakarta City Using Remotely Sensed Data2016en
Vertical Distribution of Carbon Monoxide over Sumatera during the 2015 Forest Fires as Inferred from Measurements of Pollution in the Troposphere (MOPITT) Observations2016en
Liquid Water Content (LWC) Simulation using WRF-ARW in Soroako Area2016en
The Analyze of Heavy Rain Using Weather Radar and Satellite Data(Case Study: West Lombok, June 16th 2016)2016en
Extreme Rainfall Analysis using Radar-based Rainfall Estimates, Ground Observation and Model Simulation in West Sumatra (Case Study: Padang Floods on June 16, 2016)2016en
Comparisson of Ionospheric Peak Parameters by the Ionosonde Measurement in Sumedang with Global Ionospheric Model2016en
Detecting Solar Wind Activity Using Magnetometer At Kototabang Observatory2016en
Development Of Labviewbasedportable Telemetrysystemfor The Daytime Measurement Of Solarultraviolet Intensity2016en
An Identification of Funnel Cloud Using Wind Profiler Radar at Selaparang Meteorological Station, Lombok (Case Study: Praya, May 3rd 2016)2016en

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