The Contribution of the Mesoscale Convective Complexes (MCCs) to total rainfall over Indonesian Maritime Continent

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The MCCs contribution is expressed as the ratio of MCCs precipitation to the total rainfall at each grid point where MCCs identified by using infrared satellite imagery. The rainfall obtained from the Real-Time Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission's (TRMM) data. This study found that MCCs contribute to total rainfall during 15-years over Indonesian Maritime Continent up to 20% where the greatest contribution concentrated over Central Kalimantan, South China Sea, Indian Ocean and Papua Island. The contribution of the MCCs is slightly increased in seasonally and monthly up to 24% and 30%, respectively. The greatest contribution is more existence over continent than the ocean in each season and month, except in July. The greatest contribution of the oceanic MCC concentrated in the Indian Ocean almost in each season and month. The contribution of the MCCs over Java Island is almost small in each season and month, but the contribution a slight increase during JJA. The MCC not only contribute to rainfall in the MCC area but the MCC give a contribution to its surrounding area. The frequency distribution of MCCs contribution to the total rainfall is very similar and consistent with the geographic distribution of the MCCs over the IMC during 15-years.
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Edisi LISAT IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment
Subyek Mesoscale Convective Complexes (MCCs)
total rainfall
Indonesian Maritime Continent
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