Comparison Of GPS Signal Acquisition Between Parallel Search Code Phase Algorithm Using Fourier Transform and Wavelet transform

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The performance of a satellite acquisition determined by two things namely receiver and the signal. The quality and performance of receiver and signal are determining the success of the acquisition [15]. The quality and performance of a receiver can show the ability of the receiver in measuring pseudorange and carrier phase with a high-level precision. For signal, the quality of satellite signal can be seen from the value of the signal to noise ratio (SNR). Satellite signal acquisition will fail if the result of SNR is too low [16].
Presently, mostly the receivers on the market have the power of SNR is between 35 dB Hz and 37 dB Hz [3]. It can make several acquisitions in weak satellite signals or below 35 will fail, and the value of the information that may be obtained from the signal would be lost. Several solutions can be implemented to increase the sensitivity of receiver on satellite acquisition in weak signal condition; one of them is the detection of all frequencies in the carrier phase and PRN code space in a serial search acquisition method that is based on the time domain. This process is very easy to implement but very slow [17] because the sequential search of serial search acquisition method will check the two parameters frequency and code phase with all possible values.
Another solution to increase the sensitivity of the receiver is with implement the parallel search code phase algorithm, but when the signal has a lot of noise, the receiver still can not acquire the signal. This condition need to remove the noise from the signal by the algorithm. One of algorithms to remove the noise from the signal is wavelet transform.
This paper presents a comparison between parallel search code phase algorithm using Fourier transform and the combination of parallel search code phase algorithm using Fourier transform and wavelet transform to acquire the satellite signal.
Keywords: Satellite Acquisition, Parallel Code Phase, Fourier Transform, Wavelet Transform, Noise, Weak Signal.
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