Kajian Akurasi Geometrik Citra Spot Hasil Othorektifikasi dengan Titik Kontrol Hasil Triangulasi Citra Satelit

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The research interest is to orthorectify 14 scenes of SPOT2 and SPOT4 multispectral images which covered West Java Province. Scenes composition can forms a large block of satellite images without any gaps making it possible to perform block triangulation. The term block triangulation or space triangulation is the process of establishing a mathematical relationship between the satellite images contained in a project, the camera or sensor model, and the ground. The output of space triangulation is required as input for the orthorectification process.
Ground Control Point (GCP) was collected from topographic 1:25.000 scale map and elevation data was extracted from DEM that was derived from contour line with the same scale. The space triangulation were processed with various GCP and Tie Points (TP) configuration, consists of the minimum configuration, along block perimeter only, regularly spaced half-scene and regularly spaced one-third scene. Each configuration consists of some modified configuration based on TP implementation. The accuracy of block triangulation is measured using 244 Check Points (CP) that spread out over the block.
The GCP configuration with minimum number of GCP and dense TP can yield 1.25 pixel RMSE (Root Mean Square Error) accuracy. Meanwhile, GCP configuration along block perimeter is not recommended for triangulation if the configuration is not completed with TP on sidelap and overlap. Regularly spaced of GCP configuration one-third scene distance yield the highest accuracy (0.98 pixel RMSE). The final accuracy of block triangulation is affected by GCP number, configuration and TP implementation. The best accuracy resulted from this research will suitable for 1:65.000 scale map (at 90% confidence level).
The Orthorectified images were tested by using the same CP and shows match accuracy with space triangulation output. Better orthorectified image is resulted by using cubic convolution resampling method with every one pixel sampling interval. The images seems very smooth with high frequency details is still kept. Block image formation that was build from the best orthorectified images by using manual mosaicking process, it shows very continuous images as like as original strip. Every object in the images such as roads, rivers, large buildings and land parcels looks very natural. Both on sidelap and overlap, the images border seems very seamless. In order to produce better quality printing and easier preparation, the automatic mosaicking process will be very helpful.
Informasi Detil
Judul Seri -
No. Panggil 03/2017/THE
Penerbit ITB : Bandung.,
Deskripsi Fisik Ix, 149p., Ill., Pdf
Bahasa Indonesia
Klasifikasi Thesis.
Edisi 2010
Subyek SPOT
Space Triangulation
Pernyataan Tanggungjawab
Institut Teknologi Bandung
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